Going back to work after second maternity leave

Yes I was not prepared for this. With an exciting new role lined up, the nursery place secured, I was smug thinking how smoothly it had gone planning my return back to work. What a nasty shock I was in for! As a project manager I did not examine the risks that is for sure. [...]


Wow – The Progressive PM What A Successful Day!

The Progressive PM - That was the title of the 2017 Women in Project Management Conference and it did not disappoint. Contrary to what some might think, the conference is not a feminist event, it actually focuses on project management professionals and areas of current interest. This event was orientated towards the "progressive PM" looking [...]

Inspiring the next generation through sharing your experience on major projects

I stumbled across this yesterday: http://www.inspiringthefuture.org. A way of signing up to share your career guidance and experience with the younger generations at school. I found the information on their website absolutely fascinating. Did you know that by six years old girls have already decided that there are some jobs they will not be able to do [...]

What am I doing this Autumn?

Want to know what I am up to in the project management world....everyone wants a good nosy into other people's lives, that is what blogs are for! Well this autumn is quite busy for me. Considering I am technically on maternity leave, I have had to cram in my extra curricular work stuff around baby [...]

Checking out other people’s blogs and websites

Quick post, I wanted to do a "guest spot" on my own blog today. In that I wanted to share a blogger/website I have followed and gotten a lot out of previously. The website is https://www.girlsguidetopm.com/ written and run by Elizabeth Harrin. Check it out! Also if you wanted to share your tips and knowledge come [...]

What am I reading this month?

I am starting up my job search again so I have bought two books recommended to me. The first one is What Colour is your Parachute? It is about job-hunting and career-changing, but also about figuring out who you are as a person and what you want out of life. The reason I have chosen this [...]